Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are you really LIVING YOUR Way????

Hi Guys.... Today an awesome thing happened and this led me to writing of this new post. I played volleyball after so many years and that too good enough to get satisfied. :) .. Well since I have come back to my apartment I have smile on my face and a good feeling. When I analysed it , it came out to be those games of volleyball that I played there on the court. I was shocked to feel that way. Why??? Because since last 6 years or so I think of sports as something which is not at all my cup of tea. But here I shall mention that during my school times I was crazy about volleyball. I played in Indore, Bangalore and Delhi. Used to feel so passionate about it during those days that even in summers , under the scortching heat I used to play it. My nose used to bleed because of some nerves problem .. but I used to play. But I really dont know when and how it just got out of my life... And I completely forgot about all that since years. This has somewhere infact come as a shock to me that the thinking that I used to have since last couple of years was actually a myth. The question is not just that one should play sports. Now I put up the ultimate question -- Have you really being living your life your way in these years???????.. ... Just question yourself that have you also, like me, somewhere forgotten some passion of yours and could feel revived if it comes back... We tend to get mad so much into this competetive world that probably to compete with mates we stopped giving time to such inner passions and go to coachings to learn bloody C++, Java, .NET.. Friends, there may be something of this sort which probably if you start again then you will gain back that momentum in life and feel good about everything in your current day-to-day life. Do give it a thought.. this is a really serious question to figure out ...BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

P.S. - Today I remember couple of my friends from past, whom I used to enjoy playing volleyball with... Sagun Nagar, a friend from Delhi.. we both used to play volleyball with a school team daily in morning and used to cherish that everyday... miss u bhai.. Prakhar Dadhich.. the friend with whom I joined classes to learn volleyball when we were kids... Love you too bro.. Nishant (from SICA ) .. i dont know wherer is he currently .. but I still rmember his expertise in foot-volleyball.... All your guys faces were flashing infront of me today.. Bless you guys.. :) ..

Extension from Friends:
Aashita Sharma: life is all about perseverance.if you have decided to pursue something, you'll definitely find time for that. We let our childhood passions die for the sake of bigger things in life but actually bigger things give pleasure only when the smaller ones are retained.i've seen that even if m doing good in career but if i dont extract time for drawing (which is my passion), i begin to feel a lack of colours in life.and if someday everythin is against me,if i just take a paper n pencil n sketch something, then with each line being sketched, a sense of peace surrounds me n by the time i finish with it,i find myself smiling.this has happened a lot many times. Actually such predilections are the ones that we develop in our childhood, with a pure heart and so they, without our knowledge contribute to our real self. That is why when suddenly someday a forgotten childhood liking comes our way, we are able to realise the real self that we were missing. However busy we
may get, however successful we may become but such small n precious childhood hobbies n inclinations must always be kept intact for they treasure the real "us".


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  2. good piece of wrk..
    playing, acting, dancing.. these days i remember thm only to fill the hobbies place in my CV.... or whn i account the certificates i have... after a nine hour job.. sorry a competitive job thn all that simlutaneous studies we do.. we hardly find time for all this... even 2day whn i cross karol bagh metro station and hav a look at the volleyball court .. all the memories jst pass thru me in a few seconds.. the fun we had in the day long games.. i miss thm all !! i really do...
    bt one more thng i wish to add... i thnk we were able to play volleyball in childhood coz our school gave us an option... bt the job/company gives us materialistic pleasures... nd its a human tendency to choose wht is offered easily !! :) :)

  3. @Sagun: I knew that you will love this for sure.. :)

  4. dude, i remember you played volleyball in school. on a lighter side i wonder if you remember you got me into playing pen fighting while in class7. on a serious note its not only about persuing your passion. its about finding pleasure in simple things in life like enjoying rain (which i haven't been able to do so far this seoson coz i'm sitting in my air conditioned office and its only when the office boy tells me that i get to know that its raining outside!!). there is a need to find time for yourself so that you don't forget the real YOU.

  5. @neha: hey you really got reminded me of pen fighting.. :)