Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Silent Best Friends

I wanted to write this post due to a thought which struck me while remembering one friend of mine who is very close to me and I love him. This friend has been one of those friends who speaks less but just his presence is all for you to feel good. You share things with this silent friend having a firm belief that though he doesn’t speak much as may be expected sometimes but he understands you and you feel so confident and comfortable that you go with the flow at that moment and share everything going on your mind without slightest of fear. You probably don’t need an active response from him. He replies back to you in a mysterious/miraculous way. He becomes such an important part of your life that somewhere deep in your heart you start including him while expressing your identity. I request the reader to think of one such friend in his/her life. Just think that was he ever extravagantly visible in your group or was he the dude of your group. For me the answer is that – not exactly. I don’t remember him taking lead in friend’s group ever while having parties etc. Was he the one whom you used to have THILWAI when in mood always or do typical masti. But then how come he is so integral part of your life. The answer which I can think of now is that he was probably a SILENT BEST friend who due to his magical nature created that impact in your life. I am really cherishing some moments going on in my mind about this friend of mine. It is a great feeling.


  1. very true.thoughtful.i think most of us have atleast one such friend and it kind of becomes your habbit to seek that persons opinion on all important things in your life, or muted opinion i should feel like sharing everything with them because you know they're not gonna be judgemental.

  2. @neha: yeah true.. i like that 'muted opinion' word..thanks for reading.. i shall come up with more soon and try to find such nuances of life.. :)