Friday, July 22, 2011


Probably in last couple of years I did not feel very much out of place ever and hence never realized this thing which you guys must have had experienced much before. I am talking about the changes that occur in your environment when you change your living city and hence your surroundings. I used to hear elders saying that changes are bound to occur in future which might change one completely. But frankly telling , I never undderstood the gravity of the statement. But today I have changed my belonging completely and now I realize the concept behind that statement. In this post I will just discuss a small example. Being an Indori I have this nature inherent in me : "arey bhai koi na yaar tere liye toh jaan bhi haazir hai, tu jahan bolega vahan chalenge, jo bolega voh karenge". Even in scortching heat if a friend is stuck somewhere on the road with some problem in his car we are there pushing his car to get it started. I never remember myself giving it a second thought before calling my friend for help or asking him to push my car when battery was down. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS!! THAT SEEMED TO BE THE ULTIMATE TRUTH AND WAY OF LIVING LIFE!! But what now?? why things are not that obvious?? Why do I give it a second thought ?? It all starts when you ask for something in an obvious manner and get a not so obvious answer.. :P .. "Come on dude! are you nuts! I am not getting out of my home in this heat!! ".. hehe.. It is in these sudden situations that you start hearing that voice from your inside which says to you that - "My boy ! nothing is obvious!! you have to be now more cautious!!" This voice soon talks to you even more and you CHANGE!!.. Hehe .. Finally you HAVE TO CHANGE and infact YOU WILL CHANGE !! :) ..

- Probably the ultimate key is ultimate independence. !!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kahan hoon main[ Where am I] ?????

Bas abhi toh laga tha - HAAN YAHI HAI,
Na jaane ab kyun lagta hai ki shayad yeh bhi sahi nahin hai,
Laga tha shayad ab kisi ki kami nahin hai,
Par na jaane ab usi ehsaas par yakeen kyun nahin hai,

Sun had risen in the corner of my room with a ray of hope,
But the room's still prevailing enormous darkness kept me mired in a long rope,
It feels like I came here from nowhere,
And it strengthens fear that probably I will go nowhere from here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Views on Love Relationships

A very hard thing to define. Well HARD!!!!!! Really..?? This was what I used to think couple of years ago.. I used to think then that you just need a good natured girl, who is beautiful enough that you could praise her and a bit understanding...that is all.. !!!. NO. BIG NO.. these are way too complex.. TOO COMPLEX ...huh!!.. But still I would like to share some views of mine over here on this.. Love..hmm.. something that is really next to GOD.. i.e. it doesn't exist.. :P .. somewhere this mentality of 'Love next to god' is so hyped up in one's mind that they start feeling it to be something where in the partner must be like movies.. always into you and JUST INTO YOU stuff.. come on give me a break!! on screens actors have to act for only 3 hrs llike that.. being together for 3 hrs is very easy.. :P .. In real lives though I believe that it is much of a ultimate understanding and respecting and yeah ACCEPTING ONE AS HE IS.. Due to this hyping up off everything Love is more of possesiveness in youngsters minds. One should only do special things for me and not for others. again man!! give me a break.. If you like your partner this much then can other people not like that good thing of theirs. And then if the other people get a bit close you are jealous.. what is this?? Please understand everyone of you. The moment you start making love your sole life and just doing that then it becomes tough for your partner. Loving someone and respecting someone are too different things. This must overlap. If in THOSE ODD and typical situations you dont try and understand the behavior of your partner and accept him/her that way rather than creating mess then how will you be respected. If a guy has some other gal as good friend and he is flirting then it doesn't mean that he is ditching you. No.. you get to understand that it is his skill that he wants to use in a good manner to be better and jolly friends with his likable friends. If a gal is sharing her emotions with some other close friend too then understand that you may be falling a bit short to make her feel comfortable over there. I believe that in such situations it is better to make that other guy available for your gal for her problems to make her feel special. Nobody has stopped you from working on that lack of knowledge of brains on that topic. In future you will also give good enough suggestions to her and then your dream of she listening to you will also become true.. but till it doesn't become true dont make it hell for her dude. If your partner likes some things about other people and want to spend some time there then dont feel bad. Just hold their hand and say I LOVE YOU dear and I respect that you are adoring these qualities of that friend. No one is right or wrong. it may happen that your thoughts for his/her friend doesn't overlap with your partners. But till you are able to see the smile on his/her face just let it be... Help when she is in problem. dont restrict your partner is trying new things just because you dont like it.. Then see how will your partner be so damn fond of you..Do what your partner wants when his things are not actually overlapping with your current life.. and when it overlaps with your current life then just say I will not be able to accompany you in this but yeah dont worry till you dont get into problem I want you to try and handle it and prove me wrong.. if there is some misunderstanding then keep cool and give it time.. just get apart for somedays if you both are not liking each others company temporarily.. Just make it easy and convenient for your partner.. Be someone who needs least attention unlike others but is still always there for your partner. Always stand in the last place in the queue of your partner's closed ones and from there share a beautiful smile with your partner that not even the first person in the queue is able to get.. and most importantly believe in that smile from your partner.. DONT BE COMPLETE LIFE OF YOUR PARTNER (it can never be..)..BE A SMALL BUT MOST BEAUTIFUL PART OF YOUR PARTNER'S LIFE..!!!.DO MOST EXPECT THE LEAST..:)..

Bhale hi ho jaye us se kuch khata,
Kabhi na ho tum us se juda,
Jab tak tum raho uski zindagi,
Rakho na kabhi poore vishwas ki kami,
Sada uski us muskaan ko yaad rakhna,
Chahe kitna hi us se bura ho jaaye voh sab kuch bhoola dena,
Jab bhi satana sirf pyaar se hi satana,
Chup hi rehkarhar mushkil se use bachana bas kabhi na jatana.

Main Shayar toh NAHin... ;) ;) ...!!

Dil ko apna banate toh samajh aata
Humare afsane ko apnate toh samjh aata
Ki sirf shabdon se kisi ko kuch samjhaya nahin jaata
NAzron ki un ankahi baton ka bina sama banaya nahin jata

shayiri toh ek bahana hai
dil ki un gehrayiyon ko naapne ka paimana hai
jab jab unhone humein apna nahin maana hai
humare dil ne kaha ki ab inhi kuch dil se nikali awazon se unhe kuch samjhana hai.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laakh Ichayein

Us Paison ki ik bauchar ko mein baarish samajh baitha
Mein toh laakh ichayein kar baitha
Unki ik nazar ki haami ko unka karaar samajh baitha
Mein toh laakh ichayein kar baitha
Chand lamhon ki khushi ko zindagi samajh baitha
Mein toh laakh ichayein kar baitha
Ik dost ke yaraana ko apna afsaana samajh baitha
Mein toh laakh ichayein kar baitha

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Silent Best Friends

I wanted to write this post due to a thought which struck me while remembering one friend of mine who is very close to me and I love him. This friend has been one of those friends who speaks less but just his presence is all for you to feel good. You share things with this silent friend having a firm belief that though he doesn’t speak much as may be expected sometimes but he understands you and you feel so confident and comfortable that you go with the flow at that moment and share everything going on your mind without slightest of fear. You probably don’t need an active response from him. He replies back to you in a mysterious/miraculous way. He becomes such an important part of your life that somewhere deep in your heart you start including him while expressing your identity. I request the reader to think of one such friend in his/her life. Just think that was he ever extravagantly visible in your group or was he the dude of your group. For me the answer is that – not exactly. I don’t remember him taking lead in friend’s group ever while having parties etc. Was he the one whom you used to have THILWAI when in mood always or do typical masti. But then how come he is so integral part of your life. The answer which I can think of now is that he was probably a SILENT BEST friend who due to his magical nature created that impact in your life. I am really cherishing some moments going on in my mind about this friend of mine. It is a great feeling.