Sunday, June 19, 2011

A simple analogy for MTV True Life

I really am liking to see some of the episodes of MTV true life. For those who dont know what is it about - MTV true life is about some individuals who have some typical inherent characteristics in their nature or life which leads them to take their life in a different way than the general people. For example, one of the episode depicts an individual who enjoys and gets satisfied by his own pain, and that he accepts in a pure form to lead his life with satisfaction and happiness because he knows that finally he is not harming anyone including himself. Though I am not interested to try out such intense ways of satisfaction , one thing I really realized was that everyone does believe that something is typically odd about him that is going on to which he or she doesn't understand the cause of and are fearful of future due to that. I will just discuss a simple example - a guy has a problem that he can't be alone for the whole weekend at home probably though other friends of his are easily able to be at home with their laptop watching movies and doing fine. Actually the guy has the problem of feeling himself completely out of place even if he is left alone for a single eve. I know this is not a very great example but I would just like to say that there is no problem with the guy in the example to worry about. He just has a different perception of a blank weekend. As depicted in the serial , MTV true life, the youth must try and analyze these odd things about themselves, take them positively and come up with good enough remedies to tackle this rather than feeling out of place. Another example which comes to my mind is of a guy who likes to flirt with gals initially but then later on he develops a very good and supportive friendship with them. Though he may be guilty initially that he must not play around with gals emotions but the truth is that finally it comes to good end. So what to be guilty about. You may take somethings a bit differently initiially but if they lead to good and satisfaction then you must accept them positively. I hope that this perception of mine about MTV true life helps some people who feel out of the place or get tensed about some of their habit and reactions.

P.S. - I have taken this kind of topic for the first time into writing. So please respond in a constructive manner if the content was not having much flow according to you. Positive feedback is welcomed. :)

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