Thursday, June 16, 2011

Were you really MOTIVATED??

I want to bring everyone's attention to a major problem that the youth from normal engineering colleges in India is facing. This is the problem of false kind of motivation. I remember myself and couple of my friends eating snacks in canteen when suddenly a concerned friend among us would say - "We must start studying friends. It is almost mid of the semester and we have not studied a single word!!", and majority replying to him- "Dude! We will be able to do everything at the end as we have done till now in previous semesters. Anyways howmuchever we will try the actual studies will be done during last two nights". Well, after saying all this everyone used to feel that the concerned guy was stupid and the others in majority were brave and intelligent enough to do everything in last. This was the semester long routine since 1st semester till 8th semester of bachelors degree. No one ever tried to think beyond about the human nature or principles that was causing this phenomenon. Though everyone used to see daily that some IITian has developed some gadget, some MIT student has developed a novel algorithm, no one ever thought that the kind of motivational thoughts that they were encountering during the semester exams were really motivating enough to lead them to produce an example like an IITian or MIT student. I would mention one more thing about the exam times which might partially give the answer to the issue that I just broguht up. During the actual exam times , on the night just previous to the exam, everyone used to be silent and just studying , studying, studying to complete half the course. the next day 75% of paper used to have patent questions and rest 25% were new enough that whatever you write as their answers you will be getting atleast half the marks. Finally, results used to be out and everyone who got 65% or more used to be walking with immense pride and confidence. Now I ask everyone , "What is the motivational feeling that you see here?". I see MOTIVATION DUE TO FEAR. Just one day before the exam when everyone used to be immensely fearful they used to study alot. If we compare that situation from what prevails now in their jobs or in general in their life then I don't think that something is fearsome enough as exam. Now NO EXAM NO MOTIVATION. Friends, this is the problem that mediocre engineering college students are facing these days in India. they are not able to learn the most important thing i.e. finding the right way to motivate themselves and finding the right reasons for it. Magnanimous inventions don't take place without motivation. Now there are long term deadlines in life to tackle and dedicate to, but you can't remain fearful for months or years together to remain motivated. During college times it used to be matter of 1-2 weeks, and hence the motivation used to pay off positively. I hope this point brought up by me is taken up properly by the young students still in college.

P.S. : Some might argue after reading the above content that they gained lot courage to handle situations where there are surprises and sudden attacks or very less time left. I do accept that motivation due to fear gives you this confidence but what about the other times when there are no sudden surprises or when you have enough time to prepare a lot but then because you just get motivated to work at last you produce minimum amount of work?


  1. well every single engg.. irrespective of their institute will be able to relate this post wid his clg life !!
    bt wht i feel, is a student usually go thru the theoretical part a day or two before the xams.. wht is required is the motivation in the mid of the semester whr he/she can properly apply the technology practically ...
    bt well written.. summarizing the whole concept in a single post wid such a nice description is a tough job to do...
    great going... !! :) :)