Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lady - You MUST have had taken STAND!! Atleast for THEM.

I am writing this content to gather discuss a common issue and gather people’s views on this. This is a common issue that most of the simple Indian ladies, who are housewives, are facing.This is the problem of bad marriage. I am not using the term “Failed Marriage” because we know that in India there are so many examples of bad marriages but still small ratio of divorces to those marriages.A bad marriage is one where the wife is simple or I must say JUST NOT COMPATIBLE with her husband [ in high societies] and where the husband is a bullshit [ lower grade society]. In both the cases the environment of the home is not very good for children. Well we see many organisations who have stood up to take care of such things. They say that women are suffering alot in such situations. That is true. They try to motivate ladies who are victim of such cases to fight for their rights, their own future and many other things. But I think today I have a much better point to motivate them. Let us go through a general story. In a home [ if you can call it a home ], the husband used to treat his family very badly. The mom used to somehow manage to keep the kid physically away from this in hope that the kid won’t ever develop any bad psychology due to this. Many a times she was advised to take up a stand and get separated. But she would act typically like a bhartiya naari. And also would say that I am fearful and what is the necessity. I am able to keep my son out of this all and bare everything on myself. I think I will be able to sustain. Years passed and she used to be recognized for her patience. Her son became a part of youth. Got a job and went to some other state far away from his native one. But their he faced a major problem. He was having habit to try and gain sympathy .Ofcourse we know that someone who has nature to gain sympathy is always bullied. Well can you answer at this point why kid had this problem though according to his mother he was given a proper atmosphere?? Well the answer lies here. Though mother never used to say directly anything to her son but used to remain sad and always in habit to seek someone to share and gain sympathy in a positive sense to feel that atleast there is someone. Now I ask you all that what will this have an impact on a kid. He will obviously learn the same if he is simple at heart. And later he faces the problem in his life. Just if the lady would have understood that she must take some stand atleast for the sake of her son then he would not be facing this all in his life.
I hope everyone sees here that just to stick to typical BHARTIYA NAARI PRATHA where the husband was not at all acting like a BHARTIYA SABHYA MANUSHYA , she unknowingly made her son suffer. Hence, I want to request all those ladies who are doing the same mistake to ATLEAST TAKE SOME STAND otherwise your CHILDREN are for sure to suffer.


  1. Interesting Brother... a thought provoking blog...!!!
    And I found this particular line very interesting...
    "Ofcourse we know that someone who has nature to gain sympathy is always bullied."