Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Difference between feeling something completely versus feeling it partially to certain extent....

This article is written by me while being in a deep thought process when I was emotionally feeling grief about something and I tried to sing ( for those who don't know, I can sing a bit ) but I was not able to produce actual SUR. My voice was shaking. At that moment I remembered words of Rahat Fateh Ali khan Sahab that you must feel the actual pain to sing a song , which depicts pain, in a perfect manner. But when I tried to sing some song to placate myself I was not able to sing it at all though I knew that I was feeling every nuance of that grief. At that moment of time I realized a thing - When you are actually in pain you become helpless. If we take the analogy of great sufi singers also, that they are able to feel the pain of every song they sing then I think we are wrong. They are like those well wishers or good friends in our lives who can just see things superficially, howmuchever they try , because at last they are able to do all other stuff of regular routine of their lives, like they are able to still sing the songs with perfection without their own voice trembling, but we who actually are suffering, are not able to do any stuff properly, similar to the situation where I was not able to sing at all at that very moment. I dont know whether this content is good enough to explain my point , so I will phrase it in single line - I have nothing against any friend or my well wishers but the truth is that howmuchever they try I am the only person who can understand the actual grief or problem that I am going through and struggling with, but still I am thankful to them that during that time when I am not able to speak up because my voice is shaking they help me and sooth me by understanding the grief to certain extent if not fully.

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