Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dilemma in Approaches of Improvement

The only thing which one strives for in life to lead to something better is IMPROVEMENT which is actually very important also to give life its meaning. But I have observed a big problem or rather I must say a circle which keeps one from improvement though his intentions and efforts are towards improving. Well I am talking of the first phase in such endeavors i.e. of observing and finding how to actually improve. But observe what?? One can either observe himself or other people. Learning from others success or self correction are two ways. But what are the problems that one face by trying either things. In the case of self correction one is observing himself and trying to overcome his own shortcomings. But often it happens that the person is so much self engrossed in observing his own things that he either starts following his different pace of analyzing things and doesn't remain involved with others around which according to me is not a good sign. The other method where you try to learn from others also has some flaws. The flaw of getting lost in THEIR TYPE of thinking rather than FINDING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. These two things lead to a thought in my mind that for actual improvement one must keep balance and use both techniques one by one. Observe others and learn from them. Then see whether YOU COULD HAVE adopted the same approach as them. Can there be some modifications in their approach those can be applied by you to achieve some improvement. And then you will be able to use their experience ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY.

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